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ANTICORR® FURAN MORTAR is a two component system of Solution and powder based mortar used for installation of chemical brick and tile. ANTICORR® FURAN MORTAR is a complete system to protect surface from chemical attack. The material exhibits exceptional bond strength to Acid brick and is well suited for applications exposed to impact and mechanical abuse.


It is resistant to Acids, Alkalis, Salt, Solvents, Greases, Detergents and Oils.


ANTICORR® FURAN Mortar is excellent resistant to a wide range of acids, alkalis and most solvents upto 170°C (Max.).


ANTICORR® FURAN MORTAR is used in construction of floors, sumps, drain, ETP tanks, vessels, and storage vessels, etc. It is used to bedding and jointing Bricks/Tiles in Chemical process industries, Steel mills, Dye stuff, Rayon plants, Oil refineries, Thermal Power station, Petro Chemical, Fertilizers, Food and Pharma Industries, Textile Industries, Pulp and Paper Mills.

Mechanical / Physical property

Colour Black
Working time at 30°C 20 minute (min)
Density of cured mortar 1.8 grm per cc
Bond strength [15 days] 10 Kg.cm2
Compressive Strength [7 days] 350 Kg / cm2
Flexural Strength [7 days] 75 Kg / cm2
Water Absorption 1%


The cement plastered surface shall be slightly rough in line & level , dry & clean, free from dust, dirt, grease, oil etc., maintaining required slope etc. as no slope can be adjusted or altered in Acid proof lining works.


Preparation of Mortar generally consists of Solution & Powder.

In order to obtain good working consistency, the average mixing ratio is 1 Pbw of Solution & 3 pbw of Powder. This ratio will slightly vary depending upon the temperature and working conditions.

Prepare small batches of Mortar. Stirrer the Solution thoroughly before use.

Place the Solution in a suitable mixing pan and add powder in it. Mix thoroughly with a spatula or Trowel. The mixing operation shall be continued until a uniform mixture is obtained.

Material which has begun to set cannot be re-tempered and must be discarded. Never add Liquid or other materials to mixed material or any component part.

Make sure that all the Mortar is used from the mixing pan before another batch is prepared.


Ensure that bricks or tiles are clean, dry and stored at ambient temperature. Apply the mortar by buttering one side and one end of each brick with a pointing trowel. Set the masonry units in place and position by tapping to form an average 1/8-inch wide vertical joint. When filling the joints in this manner, take special care to work the grout to full depth of the joint.


No moisture may enter in open joints, onto the horizontal joint or the undersides and edges of tiles.


All tools, mixing equipment, gloves and application equipment should be cleaned up immediately using a citrus or biodegradable cleanser, with hot water, while material is still wet. If material begins to cure, solvent based cleaners will be required for removal.


Furan Resin Mortar is a Self-hardening due to its chemical reaction which occurs when the Powder & Resin are mixed together.

  • An initial setting occurs in 6 to 8 hrs. at 30°C
  • Final Setting occurs in 24 to 48 hrs. at 30°C
  • Curing time: 7 days at 30°C

Please ensure that no water shall be spilled over the bricks lining works before it completely cured.


  • Solution : 12 Months at the temperature 30°C (±2°C)
  • Powder : 6 Months at the temperature 30°C (±2°C)

All two components are stored in cool and dry place under the roof until ready to use it original unopened (Sealed) containers.


  • Solution : 25 Kg. in M.S. Drum
  • Powder : 25 Kg. in Plastic Bag.
  • Export Packing : As per customer’s requirement


ANTICORR® FURAN RESIN & POWDER, mixes of them present various health hazards if handled improperly. It’s contains will cause eye injury and irritate skin. Wear respirator suitable safety glasses with side shields, gloves and long sleeve shirts to prevent all contact with skin and eyes.

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