Epoxy Coal Tar

  • Technical Details

Epoxy Coal tar is known that solvent free Epoxy Coating. It is non porous have good chemical resistant.


Sea Water, Tap water de-ionized water Hydrochloric & Sulphuric Fumes, Dilute Acid

Resistant to temperature

70°C to 80°C

Application of Epoxy Coal Tar Coating

  • As a membrane coating for A.R. Brick/Tile lining
  • Protective coating of pipe line
  • Protection of Steel & concrete structure & chemical factories
  • Under side of motor vehicle chasis.

Preparation of Coating

Epoxy coal tar consisting of Epoxy Resin & Coal tar.

In order to obtain good working consistence the average mixing ratio as under:

  • Epoxy Resin: 100 pbw
  • Epoxy Coal Tar: 200 pbw

Surface Preparation

Concrete Surface The concrete/cement plastered surface shall be stable in construction free from cracks, pot holes, honey combs etc. The concrete should be cured as per for minimum of 28 days moisture free and the surface shall be dry, clean even in slightly rough, in line and level, maintaining required slope etc.,

The Surface must be clean & sound, remove all dirt, grease, curing compounds and other foreign matter by mechanical abrasion for acid etching. Remove water & dust from all surface prior to application.

Mild Steel Surface Mild steel surface are best prepared by sand blasting to remove all rust or scale. If sand blasting is not possible, power tool cleaning, wore brushing or abrading with coarse emery paper may be resorted to.


After proper mixing Epoxy Coal tar should be applied on clean & dry surface by wire brush.

Epoxy coal tar is a self hardening due to chemical reaction which occurs when the Epoxy Resin & Epoxy Coal tar are mixed together.

  • An initial setting in 3 to 5 hours at 30°C
  • Final setting occur in 24 to 48 hours at 30°C
  • Curing time 3-5 days at 30°C

Membrane Application For A.R. Brick Lining Work

For Floor Application Cleaning the surface by wire brush & All Surface required dustless /Moisture .Apply One coat of Epoxy Coal Tar & spraying quartz sand over the epoxy coal tar.

For Tank Application Apply One coat of Epoxy Coal Tar Primer, Over Primed Surface To Applying 2-3mm Epoxy Screed Lining, Over Screed Surface To Apply Finish coat of Epoxy Coal Tar.

Mechanical & Physical Property

Working time 30°C 20 minute
Mixing Viscosity @ 25°C 3000 to 6000 m pa.
Specific Gravity 1.15 + 0.05
Covering Capacity 500-6000 grm/per coat/M2
Thickness 125-150 micron / coat

It is advisable to apply at least two coats to get an adequate film thickness.

Equipment Cleaning

Equipment & Hand should be cleaned before Epoxy Coal tar begins to set, soap and water is to be used for cleaning the purpose.


At the time of mixing or applying Epoxy Coal tar wear protection hand gloves, goggles and mask for protection.

Storage Life

  • Epoxy Resin: 12 month at the temperature 30°C (+2°C)
  • Epoxy Coal tar: 12 month at the temperature 30°C (+2°C)

All two components are stored in cool and dry place under the roof until ready to use it original unopened (Sealed) containers.


  • Epoxy Resin: 25 OR 30 kgs. Plastic Carboy OR MS Drum
  • Epoxy Coal tar: 30 kgs. Plastic Carboy OR MS Drum

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