Bitumen Primer

  • Technical Details

ANTICORR® Bitumen Primer is bituminous air curing ready mixed Acid & Alkali resistant special primer.

Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation As with all surface coatings, preparation of the surface is of great importance and will influence the degree of adhesion obtained and the life of the coating, All surfaces must be sound, stable and thoroughly clean and dry. Surfaces should be wire brushed to remove rust. Porous surfaces should be primed with ANTICORR® BITUMEN PRIMER


  • Seal pores on surfaces such as concrete.
  • Improves the adhesion of bituminous material that is to be applied to the substrate.


ANTICORR® BITUMEN PRIMER is ready for use and should not be thinned. Apply by brush or spray. A minimum of one coat of Bitumen Paint should be applied, the first been allowed to dry (normally 3-4 hours depending on weather conditions) before the second is applied if required.

PROTECTIVE COATING ON CONCRETE ETC Since concrete and some stone surfaces may be porous; an initial primer coat of ANTICORR® BITUMEN PRIMER should be applied.

Cleaning Tools

Tools may be cleaned by using white spirit. Spillages should be wiped off surfaces before the bitumen primer has set.

Specific Data

Flash Point 40°C
Specific Gravity @ 20°C 0.880 To 0.890
Viscosity @ 20°C 35-40 sec centipoise by B4u cup
Coverage 3-4 Sqm per litre depending on porosity of substrate 8 Sqm per litre on non-porous surfaces
Drying Time 6-8 Hours
Service Temps 30OC
Application Temps Normal Ambient Tempreture
Film Thickness Per Coat 40-45 Micron/Per Coat
Chemical No Effect at Room Tempreture.


ANTICORR® BITUMEN PRIMER contains a flammable solvent, and all normal precautions against fire must be taken during both storage and use. Store in original container in cool dry conditions. Keep away from sources of ignition.

Health & Safety

  • Lid of container should be firmly fixed, when not in use. ANTICORR® Primer is inflammable and hence keep Away from heat.
  • Use goggles and hand glove during application.
  • Clean hands with warm soap water after application.

Shelf Life

  • 24 months from date of manufacture in tightly sealed, undamaged containers.

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