Sulphur Mortar

  • Technical Details

Sulphur Mortar containing Plasticizer & filler. The melt mortar is extremely fluid and pours quite easily.


It is Resistant Non-Oxidizing acids, dilute oxidizing acids and natural salts.

Resistant to temperature

90°C (Max.)

Preparation of Mortar

The mortar should be heated at low temperature in a suitable Kettle by stirring with metal rod or ladle. The surface shall be laid first with membrane. Over the dry coat of membrane, the chemical resistant bricks or tiles be placed on spacer chips. Melted Sulphur Mortar shall be poured through joints of bricks or tiles. In case of vertical surface joints of bricks or tiles are covered by applying with adhesive paper. Sulphur Mortar is poured between the wall surface and the tile or bricks. Please ensure that no water shall be spilled over the bricks lining works before it completely cured.

Surface Preparation

The cement plastered surface shall be slightly rough in line & level, dry, clean, free from dust, dirt, grease, oil etc., maintaining required slope can be adjusted or altered in Acid proof lining works.

Mechanical / Physical property (As per IS-4832 Part-I)

Density of cured mortar 2.10grm/cc to 2.20grm/cc
Bond strength 10 Kg.cm2
Compressive Strength 280 Kg / cm2
Flexural Strength 70 Kg / cm2
Water Absorption 1%

NOTE:  If Sulphur Mortar is over heated or ignited a tight cover or wet gunny bags shall be kept ready for use in case of fire. Sulphur Mortar burns with a low blue flame. If this should happen, heating should be stopped and the vessel should be covered with lid or wet gunny bags. If the mortar thickness or over heating, it should be allowed to cool and stir till it become thin. Care should be taken that water or damp mortar should not fall in the heating vessel in order to avoid foaming.

Storage Life

  • 12 Months at the temperature 27°C (+2°C)

Standard Packing

  • Ingot - 50 Kg. Bag OR Powder - 50Kg. Bag.

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