About Zeochem Anticorr

We are Always Best for Anticorrosive Industrial Solution

Zeochem Anticorr is India's trusted player in Anticorrosive products business segments. Our Company manufacturer, Suppliers, Exporter & Applicator a wide range of Anticorrosive products from India. and also deal in the global market place with our premium quality products.

Our teams work to produce high-quality, high-volume formulations using cost efficient processes. And, our trained personnel are dedicated to ensuring compliance with domestic & international quality standards.

The Company offers complete Solutions for corrosion protection products with highly-qualified work force and has state-of-the-art facilities, latest equipment and an innovative Research & Development Centre.

ZEOCHEM's engineering expertise, plant execution knowledge and in-depth treatment process experience helps it provide clients with the highest quality treatment and standards.

ZEOCHEM's client list is extensive and includes many industries as well as, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Dyes & Intermediates, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar, Paint, Cement,Food & beverages industries.

ZEOCHEM ANTICORR is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company based at Ahmedabad. and have an objective to provide technologically superior anti corrosion solution to the various industries.

Turnkey Projects

ZEOCHEM under takes turnkey assignment covering designing, supplying installation and commissioning.

We have a team of dedicated and well trained Marketing / sales Executives who are in constant touch with leading consultants as well as with the clients Projects Department to gather information regarding their corrosion problems due to various chemicals / Acids / Alkalis / Solvents etc., being handle in their projects. Effective prevention of corrosion requires a comprehensive programme that includes adopting correct specification, qualitative material analysis and Execution of work under strict supervision of qualified site - engineers and we do exactly the same.

Our executives prepare a detailed site visit report after visiting the site and based on it the designing department decides on the technical specifications to be suggested/ adopted.

We undertake the job of providing anti corrosive lining work on Turnkey basis,

Hence ensuring that the work is executed as per the required norms which ensures proper surface preparation, correct application of material etc., Thus we Provide Guarantee for the quality of materials and workmanship.



ZEOCHEM ANTICORR main aim is protect client's plant & machinery totally free from corrosion problem. Is to add value for our clients by helping them achieve their desired level of quality and safety for their products, assets and processes, to product their success in the global market place.


Our commitment to supporting & adding value for our clients drives everything we do. We deliver innovative solutions to facilitate our client's success in the global market place and, most importantly, we provide our client with confidence by leveraging our service and global network, We enable our client to dedicate their primary energies to their core business activities. Time to time furnish comprehensive programs for better solution on our industry knowledge and technical criteria discuss with our team.

  • Value trusted and personal responsibility.
  • Act with integrity, honesty and respect.
  • Maintain professionalism & strive for continual improvement and innovation.
  • Deliver excellent services which add value to our client's business.
  • Focus on continual growth & outstanding performance.
  • Strive to create a safe work environment.
  • Value each employee's contribution toward achieving our business objectives.
  • Promote a culture where motivated client oriented employees can flourish, experience Professional fulfilment, and reach their highest potential.
  • Respect diverse perspectives, experiences & traditional as essential.

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