Non Impervious Carbon Bricks

  • Technical Details

We are functional as Non Impervious Carbon Bricks Exporter and Supplier in Ahmedbad, Gujrat, India.

The Non Impervious Carbon Bricks, also called Carbon Non-Impregnated Bricks, (Standard Bricks A - Quality) that we deal in conform to ASTM or Din standard. These Non Impervious Carbon Bricks are especially designed for high corrosion resistance & excellent resistance to thermal shocks, mainly for all major acids and alkalies. We also provide total turnkey job solutions & project related to Non Impervious Carbon Bricks.

  • 01. Temperature resistivity 750oC & more
  • 02. Minimum carbon content is 99%
  • 03. Very low ash i.e. Less than 1.0%
  • Phosphoric acid plant: Reactor, storage tanks, vessels, clarifiers, settlers etc.
  • Hydrofluoric Acid plant (HF) & flurosilicis acid plant.
  • M.S. & stainless steel pickling plant.
  • All chemicals industries (Highly corrosive areas).
  • Fertilizers & Dyes industries.
  • Zinc smelter quenching tower.
  • H2SO4, HCL, fluorides & Alkalies.
  • Causting scrubbing tower.
Technical Specification
Properties Unit Non Impregnated Results
Density gms/cc 1.5
Comp. Strength kg/cm2 350-400
Flexural strength kg/cm2 100-150
Tensile Strength kg/cm2 60
Porosity % 18-24
Water absorption % 12-18
Carbon Content % 99
Ash content % 1
Thermal Conductivity w/mk. 4-6
Abradability index Morgan scale 120
Temp. Resistivity oC 750
Chemical duty (Suitable for all acids, Alkalies, solvents & Mixtures) Loss of wt. In %

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